Bridge for All


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Bridge for All is the complete learn and play programme from the English Bridge Union

This course is for people who want to enjoy learning something new, in the company of like-minded people. No previous experience of bridge or even playing cards is expected. Each two-hour session starts with a short talk and some practical exercises, but at least half the time is devoted to actually playing bridge. From the very first lesson, you will have cards in your hands.

The bidding system used is Standard English Acol, which is based on the Acol system and is recommended for all beginners. Wherever you go, you will be able to play bridge - in clubs, on bridge holidays or with friends.

Bridge for All is the nationally approved method of learning the game - formally recognised by the Open College Network. There is a structured programme built of units, so that the student can progress from learner, through intermediate to expert. You go as far as you want. Even if your teacher changes or you move to a new area, you carry on learning with the same system.

The first year's course is entitled Beginning Bridge. It consists of thirty weekly lessons of two-and-a-half-hours duration, spread over three terms with the first term commencing 3rd October 2017. Click on Beginners for more details.

In parallel with the above we run a series of workshops known as Improvers Workshops.

They are designed for those who have completed Beginning Bridge or who have the equivalent basic knowledge of the game. Held every other week these workshops cover a range of subjects designed for the 'improver'. One of our Associate EBU Teachers leads each three hour workshop. Each workshop consists of a 'theory' section followed by playing of hands specially developed for each theme. Time is allowed for free discussion of the hands at the conclusion of the workshop. Full printed notes are given to each student. Click on Improvers for more details.

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